I Want to Start an Automotive Detailing Company

Are you looking to start the business of your own perhaps running it from your own home? Well, do you like cars? Have you considered starting in automotive detailing Company? There are many ways you can do this for instance you can start by detailing neighbors cars and charging them between 50 and $60 each.

Perhaps you can make a deal with the local used car lot to detail some of their cars. You would go to pick up the cars bring them home and detail them in your own garage and drive them back to the car lot. Even a small used car lot may have two to three cars they need detailed every single day. If you gave them a special rate of $50 each then that would be $150 a day in cash.

Eventually you could buy a trailer and put a plastic water tank on it and buy a pressure washer and then drive to the car lot to spray off all the cars each week for two dollars each and detail the cars right there. Eventually other people would see you detailing cars they would want theirs of course detailed as well and your business would keep growing. And just think you could start this business tomorrow with hardly any money.

It is amazing the small businesses you can start on a shoestring and even more amazing what you can build if you work really hard, always do what you promise and charge a fair rate. Perhaps you might consider this in 2006.

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